Sunday, February 27, 2005

furious five or spinning alonso

this is one of those things that gives me tooth decay

on saturday 19th march, the reticent grand master flash will be finally getting up off his ass, into an airplane and do a tour of SEA. he will be spinning the night at a very very crowded zouk main room.
on the same night, 500 km away in kuala lumpur, a very relaxed fernando alonso will be turning in for an early night in his plush hotel room, safe in the knowledge that his renault R25 will be topping the grid after a hot hard qualifying day in sepang.

how do i have my cake and eat it too?
do i pay my homage to the original furious five or do i reserve my ear muffs for the phenomenal renault V10 engine?


updated 04/03/05
its decided. its gonna be a pure unadulaterated day of hip and hop
hip hop for hope
big up trivalation. do good yah

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

oh dear

its called the Otolith Repositioning Procedure of Semont and Epley


update 26/02/05
it rained. and the room stopped spinning.
all is good. no longer crashing my head on the kitchen table.
now time for some radioclash

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

operated restorated

music for good did a gig last weekend. it was very good.
the poster and the gig clicks

the y auditorium turned out to be a perfect venue for a mega event like this. it was big, much bigger than the substation guiness theatre. it had proper sound (no doubt due to the swanky Line amps). the smoking corner is breezy. Macs is jus next door, so one can get greasy fries on tap. the wooden floor is ideal for injury free stage diving and moshing. but most importantly on that blazing hot saturday, the venue was airconditioned. yes yes.

the music was all good. wish i can rewind the good vibes for ya, but i hope this clicks will do.

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Friday, February 18, 2005

i have lost friends and ear drums

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last night's gig, i have lost friends, by the rascally chee wai was an exercise in volume control and sad brutality. i was dumb enough to place my ass 2 metres away from the main speakers and got the full brunt of the beautiful noise. it was so loud, sorry, it was so LOUD, my jeans were flapping.

the posters for the gig was deceivingly peaceful. and chee wai's apple looked deceptively puny. chee wai fronted the first act. he began on a gold fm snooze mode. tweaking the laptop and the mixer, he plied snatches of odd conversation ontop of a bed of sleepy wet sounds. i was expecting brian richmond to come in with the traffic report. then zai kuning cut the house lights, and the party began. a rock solid cliff wall of sound came looming and hit the audience front and center. it came, blasted and nailed us to the back wall.

shit was loud.

it was unrelenting. jus when i thought it would ease up, dude tweaked another knob on the mixer and pushed us ever more back. pound for pound for rounds in that sound. yt was behind me. her foot was cold. after wat seemed like the 25th hour (it was 15 mins) the lights finally went up, and we were released back into wonderful silence.

grateful smiles erupted.

next up was zai kuning. he had a bow and a guitar sitting across him. thank god there wasnt a laptop in sight. mr zai was inarticulate rage articulated with howling sadness. he was ripping, hacking, sawing the 6 strings. so hard the bow strings kept coming off by the strands. and that strange howls, that started off malay but came out elvish. i took pictures, but ive got uploads problems man.

evan and leslie came next. their set was also in darkness, with leslie on 6 string and evan on apple. leslie concentrated on doing rock star poses and sad star noises. evan massaged his laptop and coaxed the drums. both created a soundtrack to a disaster movie of bruckheimer proportions. i envisioned helicopter chase sequences (mainly super pumas from our MIW) and caldecott hill sized giant waves. i saw heroic food drops and massive water desalination plants. i saw fiona xie canvassing sponsors for milk powder and disposable underwear. and in the end, leslie knelt in front of his buzzing guitar and fed the feedback into the audience.

the last act was this obscure norwegian band, Del. not amitri, they were billed as a drone rock band thats highly improvisional and highly original. the lead was a stocky guy with a cheerful goatee and huge slippers. from the get go, Del performed the proper definition to the term drone rock. imagine fluffy room sized cotton candy that floats from the ceiling and smothers you, layer upon layer upon layer. after 30 seconds you are embedded in sticky fluffy pink candy up to your molars. that throbbing in the back of your head is the first sign of tooth decay.

im not sure i like it all, but my jeans are happy

Thursday, February 17, 2005

hootie pick's of the week 050217

hootie picks of the week

im in the mood for lust, so let begin with my favourite pied piper

R Kelly - Sex in the kitchen (single)

mr kelly has been in repentance mode lately, doing pseudo
gospel schtick (U Saved Me, Happy People), so it is refreshing to hear some quality raunch for once.
kelly have been doing the acapella versions of it on drop spots last year, the audience was lapping it up. im kinda surprised when i finally heard the studio version. it is hilarious. he drops this insane loop of dripping taps, its just brilliant with the campy lyrics.

"Strutting pass, switching that ass while I'm on the phone
Cutting up tomatoes, fruits and vegetables and potatoes"

Kanye West feat John Legend John Mayer - All Falls Down (live)
AOL live > Kanye West

John Legend is frontin all of Kanye's marketing budget now, and mr west is sparing no expense. in this showcase with AOL, west brings out mr white bread himself, john mayer to lick some strings with his man legend. does it add to the show? i doubt, but then im a west fan. love the intro, mr legend can really sing. dig the chick in red with the fro. yummy!

trevor did an excellent short with mr legend.
bbc radio1 > soul nation (real audio 11 mins)

Consequence - So Soulful (White label)
n talking about trevor, our boy has been slippin this in for the past few weeks. its easy to see why. more of that squeaky clean west production, but its lovely chorus that gets me. perfect gym music, definitely can sweat to this.

and watch out for the return of Earth Wind and Fire.
yes, i kid you not.

Curtis Mayfield - "Here But I'm Gone"
still on the old school. taken from mr wang's o-dub. and he is right, mr mayfield can make grown men cry. lovely.

and now for something completely different
i been incorporating alot more sprint work in my runs these days
so somehow i have been getting this itch to Ride the Changi!

Force Vomit - Ride the Changi

i cue the track on my player, begin my visualisations and sprint off. the beat is my foot rushing one ahead trading lead with the other, the bass riff is my lungs suckin more air, more air. and the smooth guitars is the landscape that slides past my view. lovely. for dino and the boys, make more magic like this dudes.

i end this post with sadness
you guys probably know this already, but nick from gabba/pod is dead.
nick was my first link into the lovely world of bastard pop.
i will always regret not asking him to eat my handbag, bitch. regrets.

Sunday, February 06, 2005

100% happiness

its great to wake up on a sunday morning and see this wonderful piece of news

Group of 7 Agrees to Ease Debt Burden of the Poor
New York Times

lets do more

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

hootie's pick of the week 050202

hootie's pick of the week: 02 feb 2005

Common feat Kanye West N Last Poets - Corners

oooh more good sheets from k west and his fav muse, Common.
Common has a gift of stringing and streaming sylabbles, making them flow with little effort. and that good old k west production. dude still has wack delivery but his raps aint
mp3 taken from the excellent

Girlyman - Maori
First girlyman i tasted. song starts off with some acoustic strumming, first verse is about a dude trying to skive off an unwanted admirer (who smells of fish hooks?). then something wonderful happens at the chorus. we hear the girl singing together and everything changes. magical. it gets me everytime. still does.

Girlyman - Say Goodbye
Beautiful folksy number. her voice reminds me of tracie from EBTG. lovely for chilling
both mp3 hosted by adrianna at http://www.popagandhi/

Atreyu - Lip Gloss and Black (video mov)
Atreyu - Aint Love Grand
Atreyu - Right Side of the Bed
and now for something completely different. imagine Darkness without the camp. good big old air guitar riffs, thumping bass and drums that chugs like an apache attack helicopter. this is metal music like it was meant for Guns n Roses. excuse the crappy lyrics and lousy singing. Atreyu is all about the guitars, guitars and even more guitars.
Atreyu official site is here is hosting their mp3 over here :

Taking Back Sunday - Decade of Influence (video mov)
Taking Back Sunday - Timberwolves at New Jersey
Taking Back Sunday - Bonus Mosh pt[1]
wat do you get when you cross the music of punk metal with the lyrics of NSync? well emo of cos. taking back sunday is one of the best kept emo secret. lots of cry baby singing with wailing guitars. pug jelly should start taking lessons.
TBS official site is here: is hosting their mp3 over here:

Usher feat nelly - my boo (white label)
ok, its the customary hootie gay track of the week. you've heard the lovely dovey alicia keys version. jermaine dupri being jermaine dupri, he goes and hooks up our boy usher with a whole hosts of answer versions. the version with beyonce is jus aweful. but this version with philly boy nelly takes the cake. nelly reminiscing about the good old days when he was hooked up with his Guess bitch, usher? and usher singing about being nelly's first partner? who needs the michael jackson trial?

i donno bout cha'all, but i know bout us
and uh, its the only way we know how to rock
You've been mine since you've checked the "Yes" box
And we at six flags matchin down to the Guess socks
Girl, you and me be sittin in the tree we be k.i.s.s.i.n.g