Monday, September 07, 2009

rest in peace, alexis tioseco

Alexis was not a film star, though he had the swagger of one.
He was not a film maker, though he love film makers.

He was a young fella who wrote about films.
He wrote with clarity and passion, that love was infectious.

I got to know Alexis first in 2005,
when he came to Singapore with a
selection of Philippine films
I have never seen or heard of.

He made me sit through Sherad Sanchez
and explained that it was ok to not get Raya Martin.
Which was great, for I slowly fell for the relaxed magic of John Torres.

I still love and hate Philippine cinema
with equal measure
and I am happy and proud to blame it on Alexis.

When the news came down, I was shocked.
Then sad.
It is really bad news, especially now.
It is painful to see him go so soon.
Just when I am trying to come to terms with a world without Yasmin.

I was looking forward to more gems from him this month
and hear him ramble on, unloading his love to a tiny tiny audience.

rest in peace, alexis