Monday, April 04, 2005

F1 bahrain : oh, ferrari got beaten by a toyota

at the end of every formula 1 race on tv, the race analysis show will come on, its opening computer graphics being 3 racing cars going through the paces. ironically, the car that gets first place happens to be in red. oh. thats not right.

michael schumacher did not win the bahrain race. his brand new engine fell apart.
it must be dissapointing for ferrari, esp after rushing the new car through extra and illegal testing the past 2 months. but how do you summon sympathy for a cash rich team like ferrari? they can come up with a brand new car in 2 weeks, and yet they can be so hard up they would squeeze a cash poor team like minardi out from the opening race in melbourne.

kiasi ferrari? ah beh then.

but i will not go on slagging everybody's favourite race car driver and singapore's favourite car. my love is for Formula One. and alonso is just so good for the sport. he's young, dashing, does a crazy accent and sports wild unruly hair. very easy on the eye.

in 2004, every time michael schumacher is taken out of a race, the entire grid seems energized and inspired. the racing just gets better and better. yesterday's race was not exception. just look at mclaren's replacement driver, dela rosa. after getting a car from (suspiciously) injured montoya, the man drove like a man with nothing to lose. he took insane chances, he lept at back markers, he rocked and fought all the way to the final 5 laps. the last battle with mark webber for 5th position was just riveting.

so, michael. do the right thing, yah.