Thursday, December 29, 2005

a blog update

hi everyone

yep. looking at the dates, its been a while since there's been an update on this blog. i've been busy living life. its been good and i've been documenting it in several other ways. its 2 days before the year 2005 ends, so i figured, its a good time for some words.

at the start of the year, i remembered asking some people what their favourite moments of the previous year were. some centered on personal loves. some recalled the big events, the ones that shook and jarred lives all around. some remembered the silly ones, the ones that stick out for the happy disruptions in our ordered routines. they're the ones that does it for me too.

there's been many good moments in my 2005. there were some downers, but now, i'm quite pleased to say i'm learning to live with them. i've met more new people this year. some became friends, some i would like them to be. i've lost friends too; some by choice, a few by distance, others by the lost of my handphone (gosh darn it!)

some things still remain the same. i'm still running. i still hate it but right after work, i put on my socks, shoes, music and i run. i still buy way too many local cds. i still sneak home way too late after a good night clubbing. i still don know how to cook green thai curry. and im still looking to fall.

so, on to a new year. i still think the world situation is going to get worse; the total amount of hate will still outweigh all the love in the world. but im an incurable optimist. i think we will get better, i think we will be better than what the world presents to us.

so here's to 2006. may you bring good music, good weather, good nights and love.