Saturday, August 06, 2005

F1 Hungarian: revenge of the mike

its been days since the race last weekend, but i've been busy getting the grease on sam, who got hung at dawn. the gig was loud but the tshirt was sweet. its 12 bucks a pop, you can get it at the next one on the 18th.

ok back to the race and what a race it was! first lap, first turn and the famous jacques attacks yet again. poor christian klein. when they said red bull gives you wings, they werent kidding. christian flew! flipped up, down then hard back on the gravel at 200km/hr. yikes! then further on the same first lap, david coulthard got clipped real hard. man, that was nasty.

my heart goes out to ma man juan pablo. mid race, mclaren timed their pit stops to perfection and montoya had a clear track in front of him. he was blazing. he ran fastest lap. then the ever unreliable mercedes engine blew up. oh man! a million mercedes owners all over the world slapped their foreheads all over again. this is a joke. everytime they put one of their boys in front, something will fall off the car.

but credit goes out to uncle mike too. the last 8 laps of the race was awesome. kimi was in the bag for P1. uncle mike was P2, but his right rear tyres was all botak and the left rear tyre had one miserable thread left. he's got his younger bro behind him in super fresh tyres. every chance ralf got, he closed the gap. on the straight, on the last chicane, on both the hairpins, ralf was so close you could not believe he was in a toyota car (when was the last time you saw a toyota overtake a ferrari?). but uncle mike pulled out all the tricks in his book. he started wide in the corners then closed the door in at the last moments. he kept changing the parameters of his car setup to coax the baby back on the track. he played the backmakers, dropped his speed when he can and kept to his racing line like . in a brilliant move, he kept himself stuck behind narain in the jordan and refused to overtake. now, narain is the most polite driver in F1, every chance he gets he will get his car out of the way of the big boys. it must have confusing for narain when for 1 1/2 half laps uncle mike just stayed behind his jordan. in the end kimi cruised home to a comfortable victory, a full half lap in front of uncle mike.

in the press conference afterwards, you can see kimi sweating stone faced into the camera, talking like he inherited steven seagal acting skills. then you see uncle mike talking like it aint no thang but an easy drive with the kids out to pasir ris. he does not even sweat.

now, that's creepy.