Friday, March 25, 2005

ode to carnegies

so much has happened in the past week

i did went to catch the grandmasterflash in zouk. the man was an incorrigble wanker.
no doubt the zoukers lapped it all up.
the next day, my man alonso got pole position on the grid in the malaysian F1 race, and he did went on to win the race . it was a triumph of guts, engine and awesome tyres.
on wednesday, i attended a gut wrenching performance which is still on repeat mode in my mind.

however, no event is as groundbreaking as the news that the grand old club, Carnegies has finally closed.


ahhhh carnegies
you will be missed

Saturday, March 19, 2005

we are so

this is so apt
big up to the jaff man

and in other news,
big up to ma man alonso, i have faith in ya'all

when the fireworks display pop off over bandar kl tonight,
when the party people over at the Menara be shaking their booties,
when the boys2men are left wondering wat the faq they are doing
with the backstreetboys in the departure hall of KLIA,
i hope the boys in ferrari have a good night sleep


Thursday, March 17, 2005

happiness is really good fish curry

smell is that unfair advantage.

did you know that the olfactory nerve supplying your nose is the First Cranial Nerve? there's only 12 cranial nerves coming out from your brain, and our brain has the good sense to give top honours to the sense of smell. smell is so important, our brain interlinks it in processes to produce and store memories. smell is like a neurochemical bookmark to catalog our warehouse of memories.

lennon used to claim that happiness is a warm gun.
i guessed yoko made really sucky curries


Tuesday, March 15, 2005

parking lot pimps

"someone once told me, when you guys come back, come back with both guns blazing"

and with those words, the parking lot pimps blazed on stage. G-ed up in matching G2000 blazers and unmatching adidas trainers, the pimps quickly filled the esplanade outdoor theatre with their latest reincarnation of their Urban sound, Exchanging straight club grooves for a funkier tone. breakin with a note perfect NERD cover, the pimps announced their intentions to move the esplanade audience.

earnestly pimp grooving the crowd Posted by Hello

tie a yello bracelet around the old left hook Posted by Hello

wats with the blazers guys? Posted by Hello

mr syed munir wears his sunglasses at night, at night Posted by Hello

the parking lot pimps are back Posted by Hello

Sunday, March 13, 2005

why do i love F1? let me count the tshirts

there are many different reasons to love formula 1 racing. the cars that run faster than a US launched tomahawk cruise missile headed to baghdad. the brakes made of pure pencil lead that glow red when the drivers body slam them on corners. the phenomenal G force so strong the driver's helmet need to slashed to the driver's shoulders. and of cos the hot pit ladies in dresses tighter than the condition of my bank account.

i love F1 for all that. but the one thing I love most of all, are the swanky team tshirts. of cos, all tshirts being equal, some are more equal than others. so for today, heres my rundown of the best apparel to eye if youre headed to your atm.

1) BAR Honda
my vote for the best tshirt in all of F1 racing
blessed with 2 of the best young drivers in the circuit, jenson button and takuma sato, the BAR team capitalised on their youth and verve to create super cool top designs other teams dont dare to.
check check the button tshirts
and sato's ones

button up, Baby!

2) Renault
even tho they now have one of the best engines, that power does not translate into tshirt design. sticking with the hideous combination of green and yellow, check out what their designers came up with


and this ugh green one

now this is surprising, cos last year they came up with some pretty decent ones

3) BMW
their tagline is Sporty Elegance is the Name of the Game. riiiight. sporty elegance for middle aged uncles. its no surprise that the line has two colours, conservative blue and very conservative white.

they do have a tie up with Puma, and the line is so so much better. i love this sleeveless number

4) Mclaren
mclaren could have been so so cool. i mean, how wrong can you go with basic black? with mr ice cool montoya and mr ice cold kimi, they could have had really kick ass tshirts. but again, its design by committee over in the mercedes team. basic black with a cheapo logo on the side. safe, boring and no brainer. perfect to go with Gold FM on the stereo. jus like mercedes drivers the world over?

6) Ferrari
now why do racing fans hate ferrari so much? is it becos of the sheer arrogance of the ferrari team trying to bump off struggling no money teams like minardi off the circuit? or is it becos most of the real life ferrari drivers on singapore road are balding pot bellied middle aged uncles trying to look 35 years younger? perhaps it could be despite a seven figure operating budget, their t shirt still looks like it was designed by a secondary 2 student using microsoft powerpoint. in his free time.

ferrari makes tshirts that makes people go ...

looks like a red shirt with a corporate tie in the middle. from a distance, it might look like that you have a white penis hanging down your neck.

Thursday, March 10, 2005

save sex. drug support 'em

readers to the straits times must have choked over their pratas with this morning front page news. Dr Balaji revealed this hypothesis that the recent sharp spike in local HIV infection was from exposure to gay parties like Nation 04. mr brown has a good write up over here. as always, i have never been interested in adding my 2 cents to this hot topic.

i am however more interested in solutions, and this is one of the best proposals i've heard. its from the highly respected Dan Savage, from the venerable OnionAV Club magazine. Dan first sounded out his ideas over here. You can read more reader comments here.

chris ho once recorded an AIDS benefit single called, Save Sex about a decade ago. crappy song tho it maybe, i remembered feelin proud that the dude managed to put together a tune about sex and get it played on perfect 10 radio. of cos, no way mediacorp radio will have the balls to play such music anymore. pity, cos bad song or otherwise, it did get people talking about sex, and hopefully saving sex.

so in a roundabout kinda way, big up straits times for choking readers in the morning. more talk, more action? yeah yeah.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

prayers for unfaithful women

got a ton of pictures from this artist's weekend gig
its been a while, but her performance is still stickin in my brain
(yep, its that good)
(actually got a ton of other snaps to upload
let me get this connection proper first)


F1 australia : ahhh, renault

freaky rain halfway throu the qualifiers on saturday meant that the big dawgs (schumi, kimi, bari, sato) were racing wet, wild and all over the melbourne track. all that drama however did not translate into an exciting race on sunday. i was struggling to stay awake past the first round of pit stops. wat happened on the track? exactly nothing. all the drivers were basically going round and round on a leisurely sunday drive, burning fuel at 270 km/h.

just when i was getting ready to go iron my laundry, the unexpected happened. at lap 43, nick hedfield made a move on 13th position schumi (schumi in 13th? exactly, its that kind of race). schumi clapped back, forcing nick into his ass and both ended up with pieces of cars on the track and gravel. the ferrari built like a tractor last year was falling off pace faster than the gay debate in parliament.

once schumi was taken out, all drivers up and down the grid did a repeat of last year's monaco and posted significantly faster lap times. bari blasted his way thro backmarkers all the way from 8th to 2nd. alonso in turn chased the brazillian all the way to the end. but big honours has got to go to fishicella. the dude kept his cool, his guts, his tyres and the phenomenal renault engine together all way from pole to the podium. and surprise surprise, virgin driver kartik made it to a credible 15th spot. and this from a driver who was so gan cheong, he was caught speeding on his way to qualifiers by the Melbourne TP. big up, big up! is this really a new era for F1? i donno.

sepang will be a crucial race since the track is much more punishing. big dawgs will be bringing out big guns. lets hope the superior malaysian food inspires the teams and drivers to a better show in sepang 2 weeks from now.


Friday, March 04, 2005

hootie's picks of the week 050304

i've been hanging around chicks half my age and its been making me feel melancholically paternal. have you eaten dinner... make sure you drink more, its been so hot... dont stay back so late...

john legend - ordinary people
videos here
if norah jones grew a goatee, she will be john legend. i must be getting so damn old to be diggin such class 95 mush like this. but like i said, johnny boy has a great voice. and old geezers like me approach love at a different velocity these days. this time we take it slow.

plain sunset - plain sunset
words here
my vote for the most courteous rock song ever. its the last song in their second album, and after 6 big rock songs, they end by thanking the listener for listening, supporting, buying and loving plain sunset. listening to this song brings me back to the guiness theatre at their farewell gig, hands in the air, singing along to every word in the song, knowing that after this, plain sunset is no more. niceness is underrated here in singapore, and the sunset boys prove that you can be nice and kick ass at the same time

The Postal Service - Such Great Heights
download here
ok i gotta admit, i love their desktops design better than the music. the deaf tone singing gives hope to tone deaf singers everywhere, that with a killer hook, a working drum machine and some well placed strings, you can indeed go far in the pop world.

mashup of Sum 41 - Pieces vs Coldplay - Clocks
download here courtesy of SarongPartyFrens
my fav bastard pop of the moment. no idea who did it, but i love it. such a simple idea its a wonder no one had thought of it earlier. brilliant

ok. so enough of this moping.

The Game feat 50 cents - Envy Me

in the Marshall Mathers album, em reveals the marketing strategy of a typical rap album. in a skit, record exec steve berman explains
"Do you know why Dre's record was so sucessful? He's rapping about big screen tvs, blunts, 40's and bitches. You're rapping about homosexuals and vicodin... I can't sell this shit."
no worries here. 50 cents's latest protege, The Game is ALL about blunts, 40's and bitches. business as usual in the G Unit factory. being the risk adverse investor, 50 wisely props The Game with the best beats money can buy, and Envy Me has a killer hook. Westwood has been dropping an awesome mix in his Friday's show now, check it here

Ludacris - Southern Hospitality
singalong here

the only way you can ever put me in a karaoke bar, is if they have luda on tap.
heh heh heh. altogether now,

Cadillac grills! Cadillac bills!
Check out the oil! My Cadillac spills!
Matter of fact, Candy Paint, Cadillac kills!
So check out the hoes my Cadillac fills!

Pretty ass clothes! Pretty ass toes!
Oh how I love these pretty ass hoes!
Pretty ass high class anything goes!
Catch them in the club throwing pretty ass 'bows!