Thursday, May 26, 2005

my dodol week (24 - 30 may)

hello everyone

its a super short last week of the month
(hint hint, pay day)
if that is not enuff reason to celebrate, then
take a peek at three very important events
happening this week

1) the great singapore sale starts this week
click here for the deals and offers
the deals and offers is only activated on the friday, hoh. so wait long long first
personally, i need shoes.

2) the even greater singapore arts festival starts this week
have you marked and bought your tickets?

3) im finally getting the iMac computer for the office
yes yes, a classy coffeetable to put my coffee cup on top!

so. thats all good.
but heres something lagi best. party news.

beatbox breaks for Flipside at the esplanade concourse
friday 6.30 pm and saturday 8.30

Indie Jam @ Hideout
2 indie pop bands, Mistaken Identity and Stoned Revival. and after that, they'll be spinning non-stop indie tunes, the stuff thats on your iPod and not on Perfect10
James, Franz Ferdinand, The Smiths, The Dandy Warhols, Ash...

for something more intellectual,
miror theatre will be staging Shanmugam, the Kalinga trilogy pt1 at the substation
and its Kalinga, not Keling Kia. if you have bought tickets, lucky you. i think the only shows left are the saturday and sunday 2pm matinee.

for something more engaging for your soul,
drop by the Little India function room this sunday morning and write a note in the Condolence book for the dead mynamar worker whose body was dumped in a multi storey carpark recently. non-profit groups Home amd TWC2 are organizing this. Home's founder, bridget made a moving appeal this morning on stage. i think the group is doing some excellent work and she deserves a kind word and a hug. and all your spare change, pls.

the BarNone sessions ends this monday with Pop music. the bands playing will be Quantum Spring, Dreams Of Day Architecture and (oh oh oh) Serenaide!
this will be the first gig for newly weds Pheyroz and Mimi
will it be fun? i should think so. good drinks, excellent sound, great bands, comfy sofas, hot women with sexy strappy heels...

and lastly, heres something i just discovered today. everyone's favourite ministry, the Ministry of Gambling, aka the Singapore Totalisator Board, is on record as Singapore's biggest and most important donor organization. in 2004, they have given away S$300 million. let me repeat that. S$300 million. even the Lee Foundation cant fight ($49 million). nor SPH ($8.1 million). nor NTUC Fairprice ($4.3 million). nor Singtel ($4.0 million). gambling absolutely works!


Monday, May 23, 2005

F1 monaco : what it means to be a ferrari fan now

back in the world of brand name sport entertainment, interesting things are happening to the marquee brands. in soccer, brandname manchester united not only has to suffer the indignity of not winning any championship titles this season, but angering their fan base by getting a rich tycoon to become the new manchester united boss. it is a brand loyalty disaster at so many levels.

and now in F1 racing. im already beginning to see the fair weather ferrari fans switching over to the young bods of jenson, alonso, kimi. it is safe to say that after a disastrous monaco race, the ferrari brand is in trouble. the car is acting very strange. last year's car was built like a tractor. it was banged, bumped, stretched to the limit and it still brought uncle mike home to a pudium win. so wat telah happened? last race it was tyres. this time it was just slower than a jordan on a good day. check out the opening laps, when montoya blasted his way past bari and when DC was battling uncle mike. and just when it seems the ferraris were off pace, halfway thro the race, uncle mike woke up and broke the lap record. the only person going faster after that lap was kimi, 13 places in front of him. just what is going on? the ferraris clearly have a fast car. and uncle mike clearly can fly a fast lap. does this mean that uncle mike just cant be bothered anymore?

compare that to the hunger of the young bmw drivers. when they realise that alonso was losing his tyre grip towards the end of the race, they went all out. now thats bmw driving.

uncle mike. uncle mike...
should have left last year when you were at the top


Sunday, May 22, 2005

singapore movies are oh so melancholic

the moments before she left. let me see if i can recap

i left the office early right after six to have porridge at home with the mum and the sis, then a quick shower and a rush to kaki lima cafe. it was really good to see adi, wahyu and adi's fantastically sinful oreo-revolution.

jeannette was there. yt arrived. we sink into bliss.

then dropped by straits records down the lane. i bought a slim volume by charles darwin, yt bought something by george orwell. we both got sold on the rndm gig. they were playing some reggae. im very relaxed. we then went to samar the new place at the corner. luke arrived after his akido training. he was still sweating.

eugene eventually arrived. we debate over spanish punks, casinos, auto tune and kinemat. smoke rose over the shadows on the wall, a new texture yet to be captured.

my phone died. we left. the ride was too fast.
we missed a hastily assembled police road block. goodbyes.

i woke up to the afternoon sun and a pile of laundry. time was compressed cos i was already late. rushed to the substation, the gear stomping was already in full force. the pedals were hammering the narrow walls of the gallery. the crowd didnt seem to mind it abit. i stayed till lunarin's linda left then rushed out to the singapore history museum. it has started drizzling and clarke quay was slippery. i passed hooters and the under dressed hooters girls looked like they could use a sweater.

it was time for short cuts.

lamentations really cut me.

Sunday, May 08, 2005

F1 barcelona : uncle mike. tyre puncture, 2 times ahh!

After all that build up, the race itself turned out to be a dull showcase of technology. kimi won so convincingly, i have to make amends on all the mercedes jokes i've been making the past 12 months. kimi was so fast, so fast it looked like he was a red car painted black. big up to the mercedes team for finally getting it right and delivering a car that could stand up to full race length without
1) stalling the engine at the start of the race
2) the engine exploding
3) the driveshaft/driver water bottle/exhaust pipe dropping halfway

and all that fuss to alonso. he won second place. at no point in the race did he pose any challenge to kimi. he overtook mark weber in the first turn at the start of the race and basically cruised to the end.

it is perhaps fitting that the only drama in the race was provided by old man schumi himself. uncle mike counted on a daring 1 pit stop strategy. he bidded his time till about lap 25. once the car had a sweet balance between fuel load and weight, schumi piled on the pressure. he broke the lap record, once, twice. he went into pit. then went on to go faster and faster. its just weird. how can a car full of fuel just go that fast? with alonso in front and in trouble with a bad left rear tyre, it looks set to be an exciting duel.

then suddenly at lap 44, uncle mike's left rear tyre blew. he pit in to get a new one. then one lap later his front left tyre blew! oh my god. a million ferrari fans simultaneously slapped their foreheads. this is the kind of thing that you would expect to happen to jordan or minardi or mercedes. how can a ferrari make such bad cars? poor guy.

looking forward to the next race in monaco, it looks like another dull technical exercise. with most cars running old engines, uncle mike looks set to devour the competition in his new car during qualifiers.
oh well.


Friday, May 06, 2005

hootie's picks of the week 050505

i crashed a mac today. feeling quite depressed.
aint nuthing like music to make it all work again

so its been a while.
lets get it started

Sexy Sadie - Moonage Daydream
no idea who's more sexy, but mac aint so sexy right now.
this is all right tho. taken from Copy, right

Memphis Bleek feat. Jay-Z - Dear Summer
is jay z retired? yeah right. dude is as busy as ever doing all this collabos
taken from Soul Sides

Interstellar - Painting And Kissing
Aurgasm always have something good for the ears.

and of cos, theres mariah
Mariah Carey - We Belong Together
go to for all the mimi goodness

Monday, May 02, 2005

i heart mimi!

its been a while since my last post. well, much has happened. let me itemize them in chronological order

1) went to see spell#7 duets. its been a week. its still playing in my mind. thank you paul and kaylene

2) mr yashub rocks in his raoul shirt. dude, all you need now are the bling bling cuff links

3) things are looking up in the formula one world. ferrari got beaten by renault, yet again. spanish punk alonso fended off uncle shumacher behind him for the last 12 laps of the race. imagine, schumi in an unbelievably fast ferrari cant even overtake a beat up renault running on last week's engine.

4) miss minna's whirlwind adventure in singapore.
it started at 2.30 am thursday morning. after many frantic international phonecalls connecting me, her friend in sweden, her guy in jakarta and his deejay from velvet, she finally showed up at my house with 2 HUGE suitcases, a big smile and many new shoes. we then rushed to velvet underground, in time to catch brandon p's set. it was good! i got picked up by this hot chick. she was wearing green, had very nice lips and was missing her watch. i dont think her boyfriend was very pleased.

5) plug and play!
was as smooth as warm milk. took lots of pictures. many lousy ones. hopefully some good ones.

6) the emancipation of mimi
ahhh, i love mariah carey. and i love her new single, we belong together. give it up for mimi.