Monday, July 18, 2005

where have i been?

hello all

its been, right about 2 months since the last entry. yeah. much has happened. lots of ups, some downs, and lots of coffee in between. let me itemize

- went to a conference. met a beautiful girl with a distant voice and soulful eyes
- had a gallery opening and khai ate gold
- got the magazine in time for the arts marts audience
- saw hamlet in arabian with machine guns on stage
- young guns was a smashing success, must do better next year
- F1 Indy was an embarrasing spectacle
- she yoga. she can actually put her head between her knees. woah
- teater ekamatra offered their incoherently beautiful prison gem. i swallow
- elizabeth had a still flight in the studio
- australian comedians brought the house down
- cyril wong sang his heart out in the dark
- verena tay was 3 women upstairs
- stayed home for the weekend. made milky omelette, good coffee and read the hans blix report on WMD, ewan's long way round and june's Maxim cover to cover
- singapore gaga was a smashing success. every single screening was magic
- she runs. and swims. and meditates
- julie from labculture has solar panels on her backpack that charges her handphone
- bought seriously cool shoes
- went to the new library, saw cable rappelling window washers
- lusty passionate storytelling in the blue room
- karen makes a kick ass Gunner (the drink, not the jersey)
- sleepy eyes and crunchy carrots

so that's my condensed 2 months.
see ya at the SubC