Friday, March 09, 2007

let's drive to Brighton on the weekend

Hi everyone,

Wow, it has been a while since the last update. Today is as good as any for a posting, so let's go. It is two weeks into the lunar year of the golden pig, and already i'm listening to alot of Bloc Party.

A Weekend in the City, specifically, their new second album after Silent Alarm, which I still love dearly.

I love that the album sounds as great in my headphones on my long runs as they do in a club with too many bodies.

Its a heady thumping album, great for timing your strides, with splashes of odd guitar bits tat makes you break out those airguitar poses.

Okereke still writes erratically, with horribly cheesy lyrics colliding with honestly great ones, sometimes in the same song.

I Still Remember
...We left our trousers at the canal, and our fingers had almost touched...

The Prayer
... Lord give me grace and dancing feet, and the power to impress ...

Waiting for the 718
...Spend all your spare time trying to escape, With crosswords and Sudoku...

My current fav is Waiting for the 718, a lovely song inspired no doubt by the promise of all that long weekends we enjoyed way back in 2006.

It starts out with a daydream while waiting for public transportation, and it somehow ends with travel plans to a beach somewhere.

Let's drive to Brighton on the weekend

Brighton is nowhere near Singapore, but we have all these great beaches a half a day away. Koh Pangan. Lombok. Na Thrang. Even Goa.

That dream of warm sand dusting on your skin. Reggae serenading a slow motion sunset. Hot coffee and long conversations. Fresh mango and sex. Long runs and morning swims. Sweaty afternoons and shared showers. And of cos, cheap and well done seafood.

Ahh, them days. Them days when every mid week, i'd be dreamin of drivin to Brighton. Them days when i cant wait to fill up my passport with new and exotic travel chops. Them days when i tolerated my job but loved the money.

Times have changed. I still love money (still cant/dont have enough) but i love my job even more. The dream is still there but it does not fuel me as much. I'm spending less and saving more. Sure Lombok is great, but i've learnt to make do with Siloso (those comfy beds litterin Cafe del Mar sure does help)


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